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Tropical Island Products Ltd.

Originally established in Vancouver, Canada in 1996, by the president and founder Salim Kalfane, Tropical Island Products Ltd. is a leader in the export and distribution of natural and dyed raffia grass from the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Having a history of export of local products from Madagascar and the surrounding islands, the owner of Tropical Island Products, decided to start a family enterprise to bring over six decades of expertise to the North American market.


Premium quality raffia grass from Madagascar

Raffia grass trading company

Our raffia (raphia) grass is harvested, sorted and stored mainly on the West coast of Madagascar. Our suppliers have facilities in both the East and West coast of the island to allow for maximum variety in quality and high flexibility in shipping.

Tropical Island Products has now grown to become one of the leading raffia grass trading company in North America and exports raffia fiber worldwide by container loads in various countries in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech republic, Russia), North America (Canada and the USA), Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile), Asia (China, Vietnam, Philippines) and Australia.

Tropical Island Products’ goal is to give the opportunity to worldwide companies, small or large to have access to premium quality raffia grass from Madagascar at low prices. Our Montreal warehouse keeps a running inventory of about 20,000 lbs. to satisfy our customers in the US and Canada alone.

Raffia source

Tropical Island Products

In the past 5 years, Tropical Island Products has evolved into much more than a local company in North America, it is now the raffia source for many companies worldwide.

To keep up with the evolution of technology, our company entered the new millennium by opening its online retail site, which has now become the reference raffia source on the Internet.