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2.0 lbs Craft Natural Raffia Hanks

Sale Price USD: $11.99

Craft quality natural raffia Hanks! Medium quality bundles of only the best raffia from Madagascar. These fibers are shorter but supple and wide fibers (around 3ft in length and 1/2 inch in width).

Made from mixed high grade raffia but mainly containing short fibers. Perfect for tying plants and flowers, floral arrangements, making raffia bows, hula skirts, packaging and any other project where the look matters but length is not an issue.

For all the hunters out there, this is the best quality raffia for camouflage making!

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1.0 lb Premium Natural Raffia Hanks

Sale Price USD: $8.99

1.0 lb Premium natural raffia Hanks! Premium quality bundles of only the best raffia from Madagascar. You will love these long, supple and wide fibers (up to 5ft in length and 1/2 inch in width).

Perfect for floral arrangements, hula skirts, making raffia bows and any project where the look matters.

Please note that this product is Back Ordered and can be replaced by the 14oz balls at no extra cost or alternative is the 10 lbs premium pack or the single 2.0 lbs premium.

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Forest Green

Army Green

Apple Green






1.0 lb Premium Colored Raffia Hanks

Sale Price USD: $12.99

Please note: Our colored raffia is temporarily unavailable in HANK format, but can be purchased in BALL format (Raffia by the Unit).


Made of premium quality raffia from Madagascar and containing fibers around 4.5ft long, these hanks will allow you to add some color and punch to your art & craft projects.

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